Ms. Apsara Gaur – Founder & Managing Director of our company is a proud Canadian, born in The Fiji Islands and has been serving the Fijian communities  through her freight business for the last several years. Having seen the plight of Fijians unable to send  parcels and household gifts through a reliable and cost effective source, she came up with the idea of  Viti Freight Services. 

She is a successful business owner, a mother and a wife with a very in-depth knowledge of freight transportation and a genuine desire to serve the community. 

Her guiding principles are :

  • Respect for customers, co-workers, and suppliers.
  • Fairness & Hard work.
  • Doing her best in all actions for the benefit of clients.
  • Attention to detail and personal customer service
  • Providing maximum benefits to clients, by providing cost effective solutions.
As specialist freight forwarders it is our business and responsibility to move your goods quickly, efficiently and safely from Canada to a choice of destinations in the Fiji Islands, (Suva, Lautoka),  New Zealand, Australia and South Pacific Islands. We carry substantial insurance for lost or damaged goods to ensure your peace of mind. 

Viti Freight is dedicated towards providing our clientele a dedicated, personalized customer service.
At Viti Freight we have ensured that our organization has the ability to act quickly on all your requests for freight forwarding. That is why we have adopted a personal approach that puts our customers at the forefront. 

Friendly, knowledgeable staff always take time to listen to, and answer any questions you may have in English or Hindi . Here at Viti Freight, we value your time and are committed to providing prompt service.
With over 10 years of experience and a strong reputation within the community, we understand the utmost importance of providing you with a personalized, professional, and efficient service.

 Due to the high volume of our business, we are able to negotiate volume discounts and pass on the benefit to you, our loyal customer. 

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